1. Analogy and experiments, cut mark example
  2. An experimental investigation of cut mark production
  3. An experiment in archaeological site location
  4. Are Upper Paleolithic blade cores more productive than Middle Paleolithic discoidal cores-A replicative experiment
  5. Ascher. Experimental archaeology
  6. Ascher. Analogy in archaeology
  7. Ascher. Structural experiment
  8. Axe head vs steel experiments
  9. Butchery cut mark experiments
  10. Brown. Early american projectile experiments
  11. Brian Stewart KhoeKhoe ceramics
  12. Coles. Experimental archaeology
  13. Conceptual premises in experimental archaeology-Dominguez Rodrigo 2008
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  20. Experiments in Ceramic Technology
  21. Experimental_ Archaeology_Factsheet
  22. Experimental approaches to near eastern archeryBarton
  23. Hair and potters an experimental look at tempers 2008
  24. How to publish experiments
  25. Introduction to experimental archaeology
  26. Interview with a Neanderthal an Experimental Approach to scraper forms
  27. Identification of projectile impacts
  28. Lithic use wear accrual experiments
  29. Lombard & Pargeter. 2008. JAS Howieson’s Poort hunting experiments
  30. Morphological Projectile Point Typology Replication Experimentation and Technological analysis
  31. New perspectives on experimental archaeology
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  46. Some Preliminary Observations on Subsurface Damage on Experimental and Archaeological Quartz Tools using CLSM
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  48. Taphonomic identification of cut marks made with lithic handaxes an experiment
  49. The elemental chemistry of lithic microwear an experiment
  50. The defensibility of Irish Tower Houses – Duncan Berryman
  51. The history of flint knappingJohnson
  52. The parallel-flaked flint daggers of late Neolithic Denmark an experimental perspective
  53. Theory and experiment in studying technological change
  54. Variation in Lithic Assemblages-An Experiment (Shelley)
  55. Woodworking on tools through residue analysis and experiments
  56. Why are some handaxes symmetrical Testing the influence of handaxe
  57. What attributes are important for the measurement of assemblage reduction intensity
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  59. Weighted atlatl experiments
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  62. Yaroshevich Dissertation

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