About Justin Pargeter

My research focuses on human bio-cultural evolution tracked by the relationships between technology, cognition, and environmental change in the archaeological record. I ask the question, to what extent differences in human behaviour can be explained as adaptive responses to specific habitats. My career focus has been on investigations of the later Pleistocene evolution of hunter-gatherer behaviour in sub-Saharan Africa, through experimental archaeology, lithic analysis and the recovery of new field data. My current research and teaching targets two key themes within archaeology: 1) Understanding the role of technology in human behavioural and cognitive evolution; and 2) Unravelling the relative contributions of different habitats to human evolution.

Survey on blogs and social media about archaeology by Leiden University researcher (Fleur Schinning)

Fleur Schinning is currently writing her master’s thesis as a part of my specialization in Heritage Management at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Her research focuses on the use of blogs and social media and how they contribute to the accessibility of archaeology in the Netherlands.

For her research she will be looking at several blogs from both the UK and USA (this one included) as in these countries blogging seems widely accepted and used a lot as a tool in creating support for archaeology.

Fleur has set up a questionnaire in which I she asks visitors to this blog several questions regarding their motives for visiting the blog and so on. Please help her out by taking 5 minutes to fill out the following online survey: http://goo.gl/forms/z3BAUTyYUL

Thank you!